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LoudLearning Theatre is a unique and exciting educational theatre company. We specialise in delivering creative, high energy programmes that blend music and drama to help children grow. Story and play are at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about making a creative impact on childrens’ learning.


This workshop uses everyday items such as cups, straws and pipes to teach children how instruments work and why they make different sounds. The children make all kinds of instruments from drums to hose pipe horns, shakers to lollystick harmonicas.

By the end of the workshop, all the children come together and create music on their own instruments which they can take home, much to the annoyance of some parents I'm sure!

We supply all the materials needed for the workshop. All we ask for are some tables and scissors for the children to use.


Shoulder, Click, Clap, Ssh-Shoulder, Click, Clap! (Have a go!)

Looking for an energetic, creative session full of new sounds and rhythms, where every child has a part to play no matter their age or ability? Then this 
workshop is just right for your class.

It's packed full of musical games, body percussion and whole team rhythms created by the children using just their bodies.

As well as exploring new sounds and patterns there are huge benefits to this work. Children learn to think creatively, co-ordinate their bodies and minds, communicate and most importantly work together and have fun as one team.

No drums, no set up, no mess - all you need is your body in this session and you will create amazing new rhythms and sounds.



This fun and exhilarating interactive theatre experience will take the children on a unique learning adventure. Using our special methods of combining theatre and music, the children will gain an understanding of music, from tempo and pulse all the way to reading rhythmic notation. Culminating in a spectacular final performance in which every child has a part to play!

Within the show the children take part in various energetic musical games and activities while still covering over half of the Music National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 in just over an hour!

Music offers lifelong opportunities for children to develop their imaginations, creativeness, risk-taking and enjoyment.  This show will boost the childrens’ confidence in their musical ability, open their imaginations and let them create and explore new sounds and patterns.


Can your school become the winners of the brand new series of
'I'm A Soundwave Get Me In Your Ear'?

By taking part in an array of creative practical challenges, the children have to prove they know everything about sound in order to be crowned Kings & Queens of the Soundwaves.

If they fail, the creepy crate awaits....

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Telephone: 0208 001 6889
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Greater London, East, Home Counties

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