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The Comedy Workshop Company specialise in Stand Up comedy workshops and also offer complimentary Creative Writing courses as part of their comedy package. Stand up comedy is an equal balance between writing and performance and the two elements are not always delivered by the same person. Performers will often deliver material that is written by other writers so it is not only the extroverts who can get involved in comedy.

Creative Writing Workshop: Joke Writing For Beginners!

A fun creative writing course encompassing the development, structure and writing of JOKES!

Throughout life humour plays a pivotal role, be it in the workplace, within a relationship or simply walking down the street.

This course is designed to explain the various ways humour can be used in creative writing and also to demonstrate just how easy (or difficult!) writing a joke can be. It will cover all aspects of joke writing from classic joke construction to "Finding your own voice"

Every student will be required to complete a series of short exercises before splitting into small groups to come up with a short one or two minute routine that one member of the group will 'perform' at the end of the session.

Each group will be encouraged to take a different angle on their own "joke", picking from:

  • Topical
  • Surreal
  • Whimsical
  • Abrasive
  • Observational

    This course will help the development of team building, increase confidence but most importantly show the students that comedy is far more accessible to them through creative writing than they perhaps realise.

  • Key Stage 4 and 5
  • Age 14 - 19
  • Maximum group size 30 students
  • Whole day in school (9.15 - 3.15pm). The workshop can be split into a morning and afternoon session with different groups of students in each.

    Course Tutor

    Paul B. Edwards has been a professional comic, writing and performing comedy for most of his adult life. His stand-up show is a "treasure chest" of songs, poems, observations, one-liners and routines - all self-penned. He is a co-founder of The Comedy Workshop Company which provides in-school workshops.


“It was great fun and the pupils achieved such a lot in a relatively short time. All the participants I spoke to this morning said they were really pleased they had taken part.

What I particularly liked about Paul’s workshop was the way he created a good atmosphere for the pupils: he was funny and friendly throughout, gaining their trust from the moment they came into the room, but he also made sure they completed the tasks he set them as well as they could; he made them take the exercises seriously. Together these things enabled them to produce some really strong comic material and it was not too daunting at all for them to perform at the end of the workshop. The group could have carried on writing and performing for much longer than there was time for!"

Testimonial from Florence Corran, English Teacher at St. Edwards School, Oxford.

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