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Blitz School

What was life like for children in the second world war and the adults that they lived with? To have to cope not only with the rationing and evacuee programmes, but also the nightly stresses of the blitz that had such a harrowing effect on everyone's lives?

A perfect addition to your ww2 topic, now your pupils can gain some idea of how this must have felt with one of our simulated Air Raid Warden training workshops, planned from the ground up with two objectives in mind, one, to bring your second world war topic to life in a totally new way, and two, to teach towards and to expand upon the topic objectives, so that children learn above and beyond all your expectations.

Delivered and planned by a QTS teacher, and closely linked to the key stage 2 QCA unit 9 for history "what was life like for children in the second world war?", the “trainees” experience a series of simulations designed to match the key duties of an Air Raid Warden’s role.  These include supervising evacuation to an air raid shelter during the blitz, putting out pretend 'fires' with a genuine stirrup pump, through to enforcing the strict laws surrounding the second world war blackout.

With over 30 genuine second world war artefacts for the pupils to use and investigate plus many more accurate reproduction items, the children perform their own historical enquiry to come up with their own ideas about what life would have been like in the Blitz from both sides of the evacuee story.

The air raid siren sounds as the class enter the hall to be met by the Chief Air Raid Warden and a comprehensive WW2 living history display laid out with a host of over 30 genuine ww2 artefacts waiting to be explored.

After a brief chat about what to do if the air raid siren sounds, and what their 'training' will entail, the ARP warden directs the pupils in their first activity, involving historical enquiry of the WW2 artefacts using guided enquiry sheets in small working parties.

After a guided handling session when the children mark their own work and find out more information about the artefacts it's all go with the Air Raid Warden training with a range of interactive activities designed to simulate the training that real ARP wardens would have received back in the 1940s.

Activities based around the blackout, extinguishing (fake) incendiary bombs (no real fire involved at any time) using a real stirrup pump, ARP first aid, incident report writing and our Blitz drama session ensure the children finish the day having not only had a fulfilling experience of what daily life was like during the Blitz, but also with a great deal of knowledge of the topic to take back to their further studies in class.

We also have our brand new telegraph task, where pupils can take turns to message their friends using a genuine WW2 telegraph set.

But that's not all!  We also leave behind lesson planning for a WARDEN REPORT writing lesson that can be taught back in class at the teacher's own convenience so that the visit can make a further impact on the pupils' learning.


"The children had an excellent day and were fully immersed in the activities - a day they will never forget!" - E Falshaw, Year 6 teacher, Bolton

"Thoroughly enjoyable. It consolidated the topic very well with a real hands on experience which all children were able to participate in." - Nicola, Year 3 teacher, Salford


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